St. Tropez


Due to availability, the itinerary has changed (as of August 18).

Itinerary for the 1st week - arrival on Saturday Sep 20

Villa Domaine de Castellane.  Directions will be posted on shortly.  Check in is after 12pm on Saturday.  Once you know your arrival times, please let us know.  If you need parking, please contact Jim directly.

Saturday Sep 20 - We will host a simple, typically local dinner at the villa.

Tuesday Sep 24 - The “can’t be missed” St Tropez market in Place des Lices is held on Saturday’s and Tuesday’s from 8am-1pm.  Otherwise, suggestions for things to do and see are on, under the St Tropez Reco’s tab or email us directly.

Wednesday Sep 25 - We have made reservations at Club 55 from 2pm to whenever.  It’s a must as the restaurant will be full.  We will organise transportation.

Friday Sep 26 - Closing and birthday/anniversary dinner will be at Auberge de la Cousteline. 384 Route RD14, 83310 Grimaud, Frankreich  +33 4 94 43 29 47.  Let us know if you have any special diet requests.  It will be a set menu.  We will also organise transportation.


Itinerary for the 2nd week  - arrival on Saturday Sep 27

Saturday Sep 27 - We will host a simple, typically local dinner at the villa.

Tuesday Sep 30 - St Tropez market in Place des Lices, followed by lunch at Club 55.

Wednesday Oct 1 - Closing and birthday/anniversary dinner at Pearl Beach.  

Thursday - October 2 is the crew’s night off.   There will be bar hopping and lots of dancing on our agenda.

Please note the traffic on the single lane road in and out of St. Tropez  (and there is only one route) can be horrendous at the best of times so plan accordingly.  If you are arriving in St. Tropez on the Saturday, plan your drive after the Place de Lices market is finished (so after 1pm).  Alternatively, you can come by boat.  Check out our website for all the details on getting to/transfers for St. Tropez.