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I arrived in London the morning of the BREXIT vote and all the shock the Brits felt that morning.  I met Ellen, who had been up in lovely Bath for meetings, at Waterloo Station and we took the train up to Edinburgh, a place somewhere in the middle of our bucket list.

Lovely little town Edinburgh that punches above its weight in Michelin starred restaurants, 23 of them.  One, Martin Wishart’s Honours, was 100 yards away and our lunch there was quite probably the best meal we’ve had in the United Kingdom.

We toured the small but impressive Edinburgh Castle and walked, ate and drank.  A day trip to the port of Leith allowed us to tour the Royal Yacht Britannia of which Ellen remarked, “It looks way too much like your Mother’s living room".  It did.  

One interesting social fact; the sun sets in town at about 10:45PM this time of year.  Every patio and terrace are full of revellers enjoying the last rays of sun.  But, city bylaws require every patio and terrace to close at 10:00PM.  Weird to be hustled inside when the sun is shining.  

While we had plans for a road trip up to St. Andrews in a restored 1967 Austin Healey, we had boiler problems and no hot water.  Since the owner of our rented suite was in Spain it took days to repair and Ellen caught a nasty cold.  The landlord did what he could, booked us into a gorgeous One Spa at the Sheraton Grand Hotel and, in the end, rebated most of our rental fee but alas, no road trip which was a shame.  

We believe the country side, the lochs, the distilleries and castles are every bid as interesting as little Edinburgh and too bad we missed it.

We returned to London for one night and were able to see Trevor Hardy, Lisa Jedan and daughter Blake for dinner. A surprise guest was Ben Shorten who was in town for business from Singapore.  Nice trip.

Edinburgh What & Where

Martin Wishart's restaurant - Honours

Tom Kitchin’s restaurant – The Kitchin in Water on the Leith

Cafe St Honore

Ship on the Shore



Koh Samui

Koh Samui