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NEST in Niagara on the Lake

NEST in Niagara on the Lake

NEST in Niagara on the Lake, outside of Niagara Falls Canada. First, it is unusual for a new build house to be designed bottom up as a rental. In doing so, NEST was able to maximise in areas of comfort and practicality. It helps that it is well located a 2 minute walk from the waterfront and a 10 minute walk to the towns main street. The homes around it are made up of 100 year old cottages, some renovated, some brand new. NEST fits right in with the look of a contemporary cottage.

Inside there are two bedrooms; one main floor with ensuite and one upstairs in a loft. There is a gas fireplace, a flatscreen TV, an open concept kitchen, living and dining room, new appliances and a lovely touch; a kitchen wall chalkboard with a greeting from the owner. The kitchen is well equipped (it could use a Nespresso machine, all good Airbnb’s should have one) with a side door to a small terrace and BBQ. There is a sitting area past that at the end of the driveway.

NEST is spotless and clearly great care has been taken to ensure their guests are as comfortable as they would be in their own homes.


Stagecoach - on the main street in Niagara on the Lake. Classic dinner with great food, service and amazing value. Get your pea meal bacon fix here.

Two Sisters Vineyards - a vineyard not out of place in Napa or Burgundy. Gorgeous terrace, wonderful for lunch or dinner and their Sauvignon Blanc is excellent.

Fournos - a hidden doorway off the Main Street doesn’t telegraph the best rack of lamb in the area and a very good Greek salad. Not sexy but good.

Angels Inn - built in 1789 and famous for a British soldier’s ghost appearing whenever the Union Jack is flown. Plus, great chicken wings and local beers.

The SPLASH in Crete

The SPLASH in Crete